Children in Yoga Class


Buttercup Yoga is designed to allow children to develop skills and techniques to understand their emotions and how to regulate their mind and body. Children can be under a lot of pressure to achieve goals within a world of endless information. I aim to provide children with some time out to breathe and self regulate. Yoga is an amazing tool to equip children for life's challenges. I believe that every child is special and unique and in order for children to reach their full potential they need to develop healthy attitudes and techniques to manage their mental health and emotional well-being. Yoga is a way of connecting both the mind and body to encourage a positive sense of self, team work and community.


Buttercup Yoga sessions are creative story-based sessions that follow different themes related to nature, the world and communities. I use mindful movement, play, stories, music, singing and meditation. Children’s yoga is fun and stimulating and develops strength, co-ordination, flexibility, concentration and positive body awareness nurturing children to be calm, creative and resilient in an ever changing world. 

My classes are for children aged between 3-11, they are non competitive and for all abilities.


Yoga in Nursery and Primary School

Incorporate yoga into your school curriculum with weekly yoga lessons. I can follow classroom topics in order to link the children’s learning and yoga together.

Yoga School Clubs

Morning, lunch time or after school club yoga (school or parent paid).

Private Yoga 

In your own home or online and tailored to individual needs.

Yoga Parties

Individually tailored and themed according to your child's interests​.

Video and resource packages 

Receive pre-recorded yoga sessions, meditations and breathing techniques weekly. Available for all age groups.

​*All lessons are currently available online during these uncertain times.*

Please get in touch for more information.