Fun at Yoga

I am excited to introduce adult classes to Buttercup Yoga. Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word meaning to ‘unite’ with the intention of uniting and creating balance between the mind and body. It is a wonderful practice that is accessible for all ages and abilities. It  involves physical asana practice, meditation and breathing techniques to build strength and flexibility, boosting physical and mental health and well-being. I offer Vinyasa classes suitable for all abilities offering modifications to suit all needs. Vinyasa means 'breath with movement' it is a great option for beginners because it exposes you to fundamental poses and gives a general overview of yoga postures. My aim is to provide dynamic and well rounded lessons where everyone practising can leave the sessions feeling like they have created space and calm in both mind and body. 


A little quote I love, "Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes it's what you learn on the way down." 



Group Yoga

Vinyasa flow for all abilities.

​Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga)

Relax and unwind with a sleepy Yoga Nidra.  

Corporate Yoga

A great way to support your staff and their physical and mental wellbeing by bringing yoga into your work place.

Private one to one classes:

Tailor made private lessons in your own home, yoga mats, blocks, equipment all provided. 

​Special Occasion Yoga

Tailor made group yoga sessions to add some relaxation to a special occasion (birthday, party, hen do).

​*All options are available online*

Please get in touch for more information.