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My name is Amy, I am the founder of Buttercup Yoga based in Sheffield. I am an energetic and passionate Children’s yoga teacher and early years educator, with a passion for movement and creative aspects of learning and education.

I trained as a dancer from a young age and became a children's dance and Zumba teacher in my early twenties. Through my passion of working with children I went on to study my Early Years Education degree to become an Early Years professional. I have over 8 years of experience working with children between the ages 3-7 in schools and nurseries in England and abroad. Through my experience of working in different school environments, I developed a deep interest in children's emotional health and well-being. This is where my yoga journey began, I began integrating yoga practice into my school classroom and went on to train as a qualified Children's Yoga teacher. I am also happy to announce I am now a fully qualified adult yoga teacher and I am excited to start my adult yoga journey.


  • BA Honours Degree Early Years Education 

  • 40 hours Children's yoga teacher training 

  • 200 hours Adult yoga teacher training 

  • Mindfulness for Children Diploma

  • Pilates Diploma 



  • Certificate of Insurance 

  • CRB certificate

  • First Aid Trained




Children's Yoga


Family Yoga

Warrior One

Adult Yoga





 Yoga Professional 



My vision for Buttercup Yoga is to provide children and adults with a safe space for you to nurture your thoughts and feelings, to tune into yourself and create peace and strength in your mind and body.

I believe yoga has many benefits for everyone of all ages supporting all minds to seek peace. We all face growing pressures in our busy daily lives, it is therefore vital for us to take time for ourselves to learn techniques to find peace and relaxation connecting mind and body. 


I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and love of yoga with both children and adults, providing techniques to reconnect, slow down and find calm.

Buttercup yoga is for everyone and offers a wide variety of class options.